Social media habits in Lithuania

The number of users of social media sites has increased significantly over the past few years in Lithuania. The main social media trend is a visible increase in the number of Facebook users. In 2008 there were only 30 000 active monthly Facebook users in Lithuania, whereas now Facebook has 670 000 active monthly users. The main groups that use Facebook are younger people who mainly live in bigger cities. However, now a rise in a number of older users, who do not have English language skills, has begun.

Lithuanian social media site, which still remains the most popular social network, has witnessed a decline in the number of its users: from 1 000 000 unique monthly visitors in 2008 to 690 000 today (the graph bellow illustrates the most popular social networks in Lithuania). This is due to the part of users’ migration to Facebook.

One more habit is an increase of the created public profiles of professionals, politicians and celebrities on the social media sites who use them for publicity reasons.

The overall increase in the usage of such social networks as Facebook has given the agencies quite a few new tools for communication with the publics. The main one is the creation of the client company’s profile page – this provides a possibility for interactive and two-way communication with the publics.

Another way to reach the target audiences is to use banners and applications in the social media sites. Publicum Media – the media agency that belongs to Publicum Group – has developed a new kind of application which was used for the promotion of telecommunications brand Omnitel. Facebook Connect was applied in this project:

Facebook users had a possibility to share and read each others dreams. What made this project unique was that it was adopted in a banner which was placed in the main Lithuanian news websites.

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